Nappy sacks can be dangerous to babies and young children 

Please share with anyone interacting with families of young children… 

Nappy sacks can be extremely dangerous to babies and young children, and can easily cause suffocation if near the mouth and nose – their flimsy material means that they are ‘sucked in’ against the nose and mouth, and prevent breathing

RoSPA says that, while parents are aware of the danger of plastic bags generally, they may not consider nappy sacks to be as dangerous. But they are. RoSPA’s website describes a typical scenario:

Nappy sacks are stored within the baby’s reach, close to the baby’s cot, including under the mattress. This method of storage is often for convenience. In some of the cases, the nappy sacks have been left near to or in the baby’s cot for ease of changing the baby’s nappy in the night.” This is extremely dangerous. Also, nappy sacks are often stored away from the baby’s sleeping area but they can be accessible without realising it; they can fall into close reach or babies can reach or climb for them.

If used, we recommend that nappy sacks are never left in a child’s room or where they can be accessed.

For more information, go to RoSPA’s website.

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