The National Child Mortality Database (NCMD) is an NHS-funded programme delivered by the University of Bristol. We gather information on all children who die in England, so that we can improve and save children’s lives in the future.

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Infection related deaths

This thematic report draws on data from the NCMD to investigate infection related deaths in children and young people

Child death review data release 2023

This data release covers child deaths notified and reviewed between 2022 and 2023, and gives readers an opportunity to explore comprehensive child death review data for themselves

Deaths of children and young people due to traumatic incidents

This thematic report draws on data from the NCMD to investigate traumatic deaths in children and young people

Sudden and Unexpected Deaths in Infancy and Childhood

This report draws on unique NCMD data to investigate sudden, unexpected and unexplained deaths in both infants and children and young people

Newborn Health and Child Mortality

This report draws on NCMD data to investigate how illness around the time of birth affects the health of children up to the age of 10

NCMD for professionals

NCMD has a range of resources for Child Death Overview Panels (CDOPs) and other health and social care professionals working in Child Death Review (CDR)…

Child death review guidance

Guidance to support professionals to deliver robust child death reviews.



We run free events for child death review professionals and other audiences.


Safety notices

Safety notices for professionals to share with families.



NCMD’s annual and thematic reports, newsletters, blog articles and more.


Postcard for bereaved families

NCMD for families

“One of the things you want most when your child dies is learning so that another parent doesn’t go through the same devastating experience,” bereaved mother

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