This report explores the impact of the National Child Mortality Database (NCMD) programme in 2023.

2023 was an exceptional year for the NCMD. Now in our third year of sharing findings and analysis, we ramped up our engagement in the policy space and ensured our findings were heard in Parliament. We published a range of new materials sharing these findings through the year, including two thematic reports (on traumatic injuries and infections), four academic papers, a data release and a report in partnership.

Our experts spoke at a range of events across the UK and beyond, sharing our data with professionals groups including GPs, paediatricians and the child death review community. We also invited colleagues to our own training sessions and webinars, and for the first time delivered a series of in-person training sessions for CDR professionals.

We also influenced policy and the public discourse, contributing to the work of three all-party parliamentary groups and prompting Parliament’s first ever debate on sudden and unexplained deaths in childhood.

The NCMD acknowledges with thanks the hard work of Child Death Overview Panels around the country, and of the staff who make up our team, in the last year. Without their efforts, none of the achievements detailed in this report would have been possible.