The next NCMD webinar for Child Death Review (CDR) professionals will be as follows…

What does a ‘good’ analysis form look like? Vicky Sleap and Professor Peter Fleming

Tuesday 22 September, 10:30 to 11.45am

Aimed at CDOP managers, administrators, Designated Doctors and other child death review professionals, this webinar will be hosted by one of NCMD’s Managers, Vicky Sleap, and will also feature Professor Peter Fleming (Infant Health & Developmental Physiology, University of Bristol) who is a pioneer of CDR – he will take participants through an example analysis form, based on a SUDI death. 

It will also include a presentation covering:

  • The purpose of the analysis form and its importance in CDR
  • How to complete the form and recording contributory factors
  • Grading factors
  • Contributory vs modifiable factors
  • Categorisation of death
  • Learning and support.

There will be a live Q&A session on the subject of analysis forms.

How to attend

Child death review professionals need to be invited to join NCMD’s webinars (you will need a valid NHS email address or similar identification). To receive details of how to take part in our webinars, please email NCMD.

Past webinars

Details of NCMD’s previous webinars can be found here.

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