In response to feedback from CDOPs and other stakeholders about NCMD’s database, we are pleased to announce that a number of improvements have been made. Developed in partnership with QES, these updates should provide greater clarity over the interpretation of questions and will reduce the time it takes to complete cases – and so user experience will be improved, as will the quality of data. These changes will also facilitate the alignment of NCMD and PMRT systems, which will be available in late summer. Please note the following development in particular:

Alert function

To enable urgent notification where there could be an immediate risk to others’ lives. This will enable us to take prompt action, and alert the wider health and social care sectors in order to prevent death. When used, this will trigger a process of review by NCMD which will determine the next appropriate actions – including whether and how to escalate an urgent concern and which agencies need to be involved in the next steps. We will also provide feedback to you on what specific actions have been taken in relation to your alert.

**IMPORTANT** When using our alert, please ensure that you also continue to follow all existing local and national guidance already in place.

Data extract function for CDOP annual reports

We are pleased to announce that a NEW function is now available to both eCDOP and NCMD Portal users which will enable the extraction of data for local CDOP annual reports. This means that CDOPs can extract a pre-determined set of data based on their cases in the system, filtering by date range. The data can be exported into a spreadsheet so it can be manipulated as required for reports.

Paper forms

Please note that paper forms have also been changed to be consistent with the changes to the database. Updated forms should be downloaded from the Department of Health & Social Care website.

Feedback: We are keen to support you in this transition phase, so please contact us by email if you have any feedback or issues relating to the new database developments.

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