Webinar, 20 May 2021

We were extremely moved by the presentations given by our guest speakers at NCMD’s May webinar (and we know from the comments given during the session, that many participants felt the same). Greenwich CDOP Chair and GP, Dr Nikesh Parekh, and Director of Maternity Action, Ros Bragg, both spoke passionately about the impact of maternal charges on the care sometimes given to pregnant women, many of whom are vulnerable. They offered insights into their own personal experiences and gave examples of where they’ve been able to intervene and offer support. Sadly, they were both also able to give examples where the issue only came to light after the death of a baby – and so they urged all CDR professionals to share these impacts with their wider child health and social care colleagues, acknowledging that they are not well known.

NCMD Manager, Vicky Sleap hosted this webinar, linking the guest speakers’ presentations back to recent changes made to the data collected by NCMD. This included changes made to capture more information around issues such as maternal charges and related themes like deprivation. 

The session ended with an opportunity to pose questions direct to all three speakers; and this resulted in a number of insightful questions on the topic of maternal charges, but also on the collection of data relating to deprivation and wider Child Death Review (CDR) issues.

Finally, we would like to extend our thanks to everyone who attended this webinar – over 200 people from across the sector took part!

Listen again: A recording of this webinar is sent to all attendees, but it is also available to anyone working in the sector; please contact us by email if you would like a copy (you will need an NHS email address or similar identification).

Date for your diary: Our next online event will be to share the findings from our 2nd annual report, and it will be held on Tuesday 22 June (1-1.30pm). Further information can be found here.


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