Guidance: Joint Agency Response (JAR) to child deaths during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the central aims of the Joint Agency Response (JAR) still apply. While the circumstances in which a JAR is required are unchanged, how they are enacted may need to change depending on circumstances. Find below details of updated guidance of how to manage JAR during COVID-19…

The absolute priority at all times must be the safety of staff, families and the public

The aims of the JAR remain:

  • establish, as far as is possible, the cause or causes of the child’s death
  • identify any potential contributory or modifiable factors
  • provide ongoing support to the family
  • ensure that all statutory obligations are met
  • learn lessons in order to reduce the risks of future deaths. 

However, in light of social isolation, there is now revised guidance relating to the issue of medical certificates, home visits and more. To read the guidance in full, click here: 

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