NCMD presentation at online event


NCMD Manager Vicky Sleap – along with CDR pioneer Professor Peter Fleming – will be presenting and taking part in an expert Q&A at the following event, hosted by the West Midlands Child Death Review Network:

Learning from Child Deaths, 19 November, 9am-12.30pm (online)

The programme includes:

– Factors Influencing Adolescent Mothers Engagement with Safe Sleep Messages – Dr Cathy Ellis, Director of Education PGT, Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing, Northumbria University

– Parent Experience of Child Death Review – Bahlmann Family

– Update on National Child Death Mortality Database (Covid Data)  – Vicky Sleap, NCMD Programme Manager, Bristol Medical School

– And an Expert Panel for Q&A –

  • Professor Peter Fleming, Professor of Infant Health & Development Bristol University
  • Tamas Marton, Consultant Perinatal Pathologist BWCH
  • Dennis Wilkes, Expert in Public Health and Medical Examiner
  • Vicky Sleap, NCMD Programme Manager, Bristol Medical School
  • Zafar Siddique, Senior Coroner, Black Country Coroners Services

Plus other valuable updates from professionals working within child death review.

How to register: It is a free online event, open to CDR professionals. For more information and to find out how to register, click here.