With babies’ equipment, keep it simple

Please share with anyone interacting with families of young children…

With equipment for babies, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and avoid enhancements unless specifically recommended. 

With cots, it is safest to keep them clear of any items such as bumpers, toys and loose bedding (this includes travel cots where additional mattresses should NOT be used). The Lullaby Trust says “the safest cot is a clear cot”. While evidence on individual items is not widely available, they suggest that it makes sense to be “as cautious as possible”. More specifically, they advise:

  • No pillows or duvets
  • No cot bumpers
  • No soft toys
  • No loose bedding
  • No products (such as wedges or straps) that will keep your baby in one sleeping position.

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For more information, go to The Lullaby Trust’s website.

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