We welcome the final guideline from the National institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) on postnatal care, which was published to their website on 20 April 2021. With supporting evidence, tools and a range of resources for professionals supporting families with new babies, it covers topics such as ‘symptoms and signs of illness in babies’ and ‘supporting babies’ feeding’, among others. Of specific interest to NCMD is the guidance on bed sharing, which is as follows:

Discuss with parents safer practices for bed sharing, including:
• making sure the baby sleeps on a firm, flat mattress, lying face up (rather than face down or on their side)
• not sleeping on a sofa or chair with the baby
• not having pillows or duvets near the baby
• not having other children or pets in the bed when sharing a bed with a baby.

Strongly advise parents not to share a bed with their baby if their baby was low birth weight or if either parent:
• has had 2 or more units of alcohol
• smokes
• has taken medicine that causes drowsiness
• has used recreational drugs.

For more information and to read the guidance in full, go to the NICE website.


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