11 February 2020 – LSCB1 Return and Notifications from Registrars, with Q&A

Our second webinar was held on 11 February 2020, with over 50 child death professionals taking part. Hosted by UCL Partners and presented by one of NCMD’s Managers, Vicky Sleap, the webinar featured a Q&A session as well as a presentation about the up-and-coming LSCB1 return and the challenges of getting notifications from registrars.

“Another really good seminar,” Lorna Tunstall, CDOP Coordinator, Slough Borough Council

With half the session dedicated to questions posed by participants, this webinar was very much geared towards the needs of the CDOP professionals listening in. Issues raised ranged from the practical – such as what to include and what not to include when completing forms – through to the strategic, such as how and when findings from the programme will be shared.

The second part of the webinar was a presentation which featured the up-and-coming LSCB1 return, for which the deadline for data submission to NCMD is 31 March 2020. Vicky walked participants through the key principles of the process in chronological order, giving a step-by-step approach to the tasks that need to be undertaken by CDOPs. She also highlighted the importance of quality data and the value it will have, not only to NCMD and nationally but also at a local level going forward. She then went on to talk about the challenges faced in getting notifications from registrars, providing helpful hints about how to engage them and develop an effective process.

Listen again: A recording of this webinar (and a copy of Vicky Sleap’s presentation about the LSCB1 return and the process of getting notifications from registrars) is available to those working in the sector; please contact us by email if you would like a copy.

DATE FOR YOUR DIARY: The next webinar will be on Tuesday 24 March 2020 at 10.30am. To request an invitation to attend (with details of how to join), please email NCMD. PLEASE SHARE with other CDOP professionals who may be interested in attending.