The next NCMD webinar for Child Death Review (CDR) professionals will be held on:

Tuesday 23 June

10:30 to 11.45am

These FREE webinars provide a regular opportunity for CDOP managers, administrators, Designated Doctors and other child death professionals to interact directly with the NCMD team, be updated on the latest news from the programme, and highlight any issues arising through a Q&A session designed around questions from participants.

It will be hosted by one of NCMD’s Managers, Vicky Sleap. The following topics will be covered, among others:

  • Update on COVID-19 and NCMD’s work in relation to the pandemic
  • Update on LSCB1 data and reporting – including details of NCMD’s NEW data extract function and our reports for 2020
  • NCMD database NEW alert function – how to use it and what happens when you do
  • Q&A session.

How to attend

Child death review professionals need to be invited to join NCMD’s webinars (you will need a valid NHS email address or similar identification). To receive details of how to take part in our webinars, please email NCMD.

Past webinars

Details of NCMD’s previous webinars can be found here.

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