Postcard to explain NCMD to bereaved families

We have produced a postcard for distribution to families who are bereaved, that explains the NCMD database and the importance of our work. Available through Child Death Overview Panels (CDOPs), these cards are intended to be shared with each family toward the end of the CDR process, preferably at the feedback meeting after the CDR meeting has taken place. 

One of the things you want most when your child dies is learning so that another parent doesn’t go through the same devastating experience,” bereaved mother

Featuring an illustration by Zoe Guy (whose work was the basis of new style bereavement cards by Let’s Talk About Loss (as on the BBC), the postcard explains what we do and sets out our primary aim of learning from child deaths in order to reduce deaths in the future. More specifically, it includes a space for families to write their key-worker’s details (and so it should prove to be of practical use to families), as well as our CARE pledge to bereaved families – which outlines our code of conduct in collecting, holding and using their and their child’s details:

Core – Your data will be used solely for our core purpose of learning lessons to improve and save lives.

Anonymous – We will never publish information where you or your child can be identified.

Relevant – We will only collect relevant data, including personal information about your child and their death.

E-safety – All data is held according to strict data protection guidelines and, as such, is safe and secure. 

To see a copy of the postcard online, click here: 

How to obtain copies: We have contacted all CDOPs in England to offer quantities of these cards for onward sharing. If you are working in the field of child death and need copies of the postcard to distribute to bereaved families, then please contact your CDOP or (if they don’t have copies) contact NCMD by email.