Extension deadline: 23 April 2021.

Please note that data for the 2020/21 Child Death Review return (formerly LSCB1 return) – now submitted to the Dept of Health by NCMD on behalf of all CDOPs – is due by midnight on 31 March 2021 (with an extension until 23 April). Please note:

Data must be submitted by CDOPs to NCMD for ALL child deaths regardless of when they occurred. Find below further information:

  • For deaths reviewed by your CDOP between 1 April 2020 and 31 March 2021, please complete both Notification and Reporting forms as well as Supplementary Reporting and Analysis forms. Please could you make sure you press ‘finalise’/’save final’ (without this, NCMD will not receive the full details of the case and it can’t be included in our reporting).
  • For open cases (ie deaths not reviewed as at 31 March 2021), you only need to complete a Notification form.

We recognise that there will be instances where the data isn’t available until after 31 March 2021, particularly for deaths reviewed at the end of that month and late notifications for children who die up to and including that date (but are notified after). Therefore, please note that we have set a final cut-off date of 23 April 2021 for receipt of data to be included in our next CDR data report.

Of course, data relating to deaths occurring after 31 March 2021 should still be added after this date, but our 2020/21 report will contain data relating to child deaths up to and including 31 March 2021. 

Note for CDOPs

The more complete the data you submit to NCMD, the more insightful our reports will be. This will be valuable, both nationally and locally. With this in mind, we specifically request that you:

  • check that notification forms contain all necessary details (including all demographics)
  • ensure that each contributory factor you include in the analysis form is entered as a separate line, with each one being assigned a grade (0-2)
  • select an option to indicate if the child was known to children’s social care, and
  • indicate if the child’s death was subject to a Serious Case Review (now Child Safeguarding Practice Review).

Issues meeting the deadline?

Note that it is a statutory requirement for CDOPs to provide a CDR return to the Department of Health, but this can only be achieved by submitting data to NCMD. Therefore, please email us as soon as possible if you foresee issues with submitting your cases by the deadline (please also advise your CDR Partners if this is the case). We should then be able to support you by discussing any issues you face locally as well as helping to develop a plan for data completion.

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