TOP TIPS for holding virtual CDOP meetings

During the current COVID-19 crisis, some CDOPs have taken the decision to hold their meetings virtually using Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams or other software. NCMD has spoken to those people and compiled this list of Top Tips to help if you are planning to hold your meetings online:

General tips

  • Ensure that everyone has downloaded the software in advance of the meeting and encourage them to join 10 minutes early to sort out any problems with microphone and video.
  • The speed of wi-fi in people’s homes can affect the quality of the connection. If this is a problem, asking the person to stop their video feed can help.
  • Ensure panel members have the papers at least a week before the meeting and have read them in advance. This will speed up discussions.
  • If there are slides or documents, circulate them in advance.  Don’t rely on being able to display them ‘live’…phone is more reliable, and people can see them on their own system.
  • Circulate a meeting etiquette list with the papers and a reminder a day before for participants to:
    • Log on at least 5 mins before the meeting starts
    • Keep your microphone muted until you need to speak (this will limit background noise coming through your microphone)
    • Give your name before you speak
    • Do not speak until the other person has finished, or you are invited to speak, if it is possible to have your video on, that will help with this.

Tips for the Chair

  • Allow time for people to fumble the log-in – send clear instructions in advance and test them.  Be patient.
  • Ask people to introduce themselves.
  • Ensure that you are quorate.
  • Stick to time.
  • Be punctual.  Tele-meetings are real meetings.
  • Use headsets/ earphones for the call.
  • Stick to the agenda.
  • Prevent people talking over each other, make specific time for questions.
  • Call on individual people by name to ensure everyone has a chance to contribute. 

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