Support for local and regional themed CDOP meetings

Local and regional themed CDOP meetings can support greater learning and promote the sharing of best practice, particularly around a particular topic. But practice across the country varies. For our top tips for running both local and regional CDOP meetings, see below:

Local themed CDOP meetings

This is the same as a normal CDOP meeting. It involves one CDOP and one type of case only is discussed e.g. neonatal deaths.

  • Specialist expertise such as midwifery, obstetric and neonatology colleagues may be included along with the normal panel membership.
  • Consider involving the Clinical Leads for your Neonatal ODN in neonatal themed meetings.
  • The frequency of local themed meetings will depend on the number of cases you have. Consider allocating a number of your CDOP meetings each year to discussing themes.
  • An analysis form should be completed for each case in the usual way and submitted to NCMD.

Regional themed CDOP meetings

This is where a group of CDOPs meet collectively and review cases of one type over a larger area. They are typically held once per year and the topic would be something where the number of deaths in each individual CDOP is too small to hold a local themed meeting.

  • Agree locally, which CDOPs want to be involved and which members from each CDOP will attend the themed meeting. 
  • When deciding on who will attend, consider keeping the number of attendees to a manageable level but including both subject expertise and regional representation.
  • Consider establishing Terms of Reference for your regional panel.
  • Consider providing an induction sheet to subject experts who may not have attended a CDOP meeting before to help them understand their role.
  • Each CDOP should suggest cases from their area that they would like to bring to the review. These should be cases that have not previously been reviewed by a CDOP.
  • The Designated Doctors should agree between them on the final list of cases to be discussed. This should be based on those cases that can most benefit from a regional review.
  • At the meeting, cases should be discussed as normal and an analysis form completed for each.
  • Following the meeting, each individual CDOP is responsible for finalising the analysis forms for their cases and submitting them to NCMD.

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