How to complete a Child Death Notification form effectively

The statutory Child Death Notification form is arguably the most important form in the whole Child Death Review (CDR) process. Not only does it notify you of the death of a child but, when completed well, it can also give you a comprehensive list of all those professionals who cared for the child during their life and immediately after their death. It is this list which enables the CDOP administrator to carry out the rest of the process. Without it, gathering information on the child is very challenging.

By completing a notification form well, you will be:

  • Helping the CDOP to gather information more quickly and review the death more comprehensively.
  • Helping NCMD to analyse information in real-time so emerging issues in child death can be picked up and the scale of any problem established.
  • Helping families by ensuring that all necessary information is provided to the process which will review the death of their child.
  • Saving yourself time as a well completed form will mean that you will not need to be contacted again to provide more detail.

Given the importance of getting this right, NCMD has published detailed guidance for all CDR professionals on how best to complete the notification form. Use the links below to:

  • Read our guidance in full, and
  • View a flow-chart of who to consider sending reporting forms to under different circumstances (this provides a list of who the child may have had contact with in their life, depending on the situation):

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