Webinar: Thursday 23 June, 1000–1130

Online, with free registration in advance

Communicating and engaging with families as part of the review of their child’s death is hugely important – both for the families themselves, who may have many questions about why their child died and will need to understand all aspects of what has happened, and for the reviewers, who benefit from the family’s close insight into the circumstances of the death. Not only is engaging families the right thing to do but their perspectives of care may enhance learning and ensure improvements to save children’s lives in the future.

In this free webinar Charlotte Bevan, Joint Head of Saving Babies’ Lives at Sands, and NCMD Programme Manager Vicky Sleap will discuss how child death review professionals can and should engage families in the review process – exploring pathways and resources to support doing this meaningfully so that everyone benefits. 

The session will include prepared presentations from both speakers, as well as interactive segments and questions. You can also submit questions in advance by emailing NCMD-programme@bristol.ac.uk.

The session is free and open to all with free registration in advance. We also issue continuing professional development certificates following attendance, upon request – contact Charlotte McClymont at UCL Partners for more details.

Please note that the session will be recorded and shared by NCMD to support future learning.

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