Learning from Child Death: Effective Public Engagement, 2 February 2021

We owe an enormous debt to the many organisations who took the time to attend our event on effective public engagement on 2 February 2021. We are extremely grateful for their time and input, and know that their involvement will help to make our work and outputs both meaningful and appropriate for bereaved families. 

The request for voluntary sector involvement was very empathetic around fitting commitment to organisational need” Marcus Green, CEO, Action on Pre-eclampsia

With over 20 participants from organisations as wide ranging as bereavement support through to hospices and support services, the event featured a presentation by the CEO of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) charity The Lullaby Trust, Jenny Ward, who emphasised the importance that learning from national data has played – and can continue to play – in efforts to reduce child deaths. She was able to demonstrate the in-roads that organisations like hers are making in reducing child deaths when in-depth knowledge and data can be used to inform public messaging as well as policy and practice.

NCMD’s Programme Lead, Professor Karen Luyt, and Programme Manager, Vicky Sleap, also gave presentations to outline how we came about and evolved, and on how organisations can support us to engage with families effectively going forward.

Thanks to everyone who took part, we now have a range of knowledge and support to draw upon – though we are aware that different organisations will want – and be able – to engage with us in a variety of ways at different levels and at different times. An ethos that will underpin our public engagement work in the future. We hope to hold our next public engagement event in the summer of 2021, and it will most likely be virtual. In the meantime, we are setting up a Public Engagement Network of organisations from across the sector to steer our work and to support them in engaging with each other.

Get involved: If you are a charity or other organisation supporting bereaved families, and you would like to know more about how you can become involved in NCMD’s public engagement work, please email us.


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