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“Thanks for another really good seminar!” Lorna Tunstall, Child Death Overview Panel Coordinator

NCMD runs a series of webinars for CDOP managers, administrators, designated doctors and other Child Death Review (CDR) professionals. Designed to provide detailed updates on the programme and discuss issues, they are an opportunity to find out the latest about NCMD and the CDR sector. They also offer an opportunity for those working in the field to ask questions by pre-submitting questions.

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All NCMD-hosted online events and webinars are free to attend. Anyone can register to attend our online dissemination events. Child Death Review professionals need to be invited to join our CDR webinars (you will need a valid NHS email address or similar identification). Invitations will be sent out to those who have expressed an interest in previous webinars/events several weeks before each webinar/event. If you don’t receive an invitation, but would like to attend, please email NCMD…

All NCMD webinars and online events

Details of past and future webinars and online events:
Webinar, 28 Nov 2019

Webinar, 28 Nov 2019

NCMD launches webinar series for child death professionals. The first edition, in November 2019, shares insights into the programme so far…

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Recordings of the webinars are available to child death professionals on request by email…
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