Webinar: Analysis forms-what does ‘good’ look like?

With an absolutely unprecedented 212 participants from across the CDR sector, this latest webinar from NCMD on 22 September offered a practical demonstration of what makes an effective analysis form. Complete with an exemplar form by child death review pioneer, Professor Peter Fleming (Infant Health & Developmental Physiology, University of Bristol), it was an opportunity to discuss and debate issues relating the completion of an analysis form with the aim of maximising learning, including:

  • The purpose of the analysis form and its importance in CDR
  • How to complete the form and recording contributory factors
  • Grading factors
  • Contributory vs modifiable factors
  • Categorisation of death, and
  • Learning and support.

The host, NCMD Manager Vicky Sleap, and Professor Fleming also held a live Q&A session, with questions posed on a variety of issues relating to analysis forms. Subjects raised include: How to ensure consistency locally and nationally; how health conditions should be recorded in the analysis form; and how to work towards greater in-depth data from other agencies.

Listen again: A recording of this webinar (and a copy of Vicky Sleap and Prof Fleming’s presentation) is available to those working in the sector; please contact us by email if you would like a copy.

Exemplar analysis form: An example of a well-completed analysis form is also available to those working in the sector; please contact us by email if you would like a copy.

CDRM resources: For detailed guidance on how to hold effective child death review meetings (CDRMs) – as well as a range of other resources for CDR professionals – click here: www.ncmd.info/professionals.

DATE FOR YOUR DIARY: The next webinar will be on: Tuesday 24 November 2020, 10.30-11.45am. To request an invitation to attend (with details of how to join), please email us. PLEASE SHARE with other CDOPs and CDR professionals who may be interested in attending.

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